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A tool to retrieve and watch video and image files by Thomas Park.

For playlists of cc-licensed music, try the Internet Archive Playlist Generator.
For live generative soundscapes that you can control, try Generative Soundscape Radio.
To listen to generative piano iterations, visit Piano Iterations.
For an embedded player presenting any of a large quantity of original cc-licensed audio works, try the Thomas Park Audio Explorer.
To listen to and remix generative dub tracks, listen to Endless Dub Radio.
To search for another visual items playlist, go to the Internet Archive Visual Aggregator.
To search for media by subject rather than orientation, try Global Free Audio.
To listen to generative vocal pieces, try The Heliades.
For continual Jack-Danger-inspired grooves, jam at Beat Butcher Radio.
For a continual generative stream based on Terry Riley's masterpiece "In C", try Radio In C.

You may contact Thomas Park directly at: mystifiedthomas@gmail.com . Thank you.

To learn more about this application, see this document.

  • This is an original program by Thomas Park. It allows you to retrieve and watch playlists from collections of free videos and images that have been posted to the Internet Archive. The archive is based on Creative Commons file protocol, so files are free to access and share. Some may not be free to sell, or to use for commercial purposes. Others may not be available to alter. All are free to watch.
  • To use this program, you must choose a collection to search.
  • You must choose whether to search for videos or still images.
  • You may also choose up to 2 search terms to refine your search. Each must be one word, with no spaces.
  • When you are finished, this program will open a new webpage, created for you to enjoy your selections.
  • You may choose to download, from the player page, an .html file with links to the files for which you searched.
  • Searches are performed without Thomas' interference at the Internet Archive. They are limited in size due to time-loading restrictions.
  • The purpose of this program is to provide access to free culture. Thomas Park does not necessarily own or have license for any of this culture, and he is neither altering nor making profits by creation or use of this program.

Image by Thomas Park

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  • A playlist of related visual files will be created. It will open in a new webpage, designed to play the files.
  • From the player page, you may choose to download an .html file featuring links to each of the items for which you searched.
  • If not, your terms may have generated an empty playlist, so try again with different terms.
  • This may take some time to process-- more than a few minutes. Please be patient. If you get a '504' error, that's because the search took too long for the server. Feel free to try again with a different search.

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